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The Curriculum Cosmic Evolution Planetary Evolution Origin of Life Evolution of Life Hominid Evolution Evolution of Technology
Scope & Sequence

I. What is Life?

a. Life's Basic Unit
b. Chemistry of Living Organisms
c. The Genetic Molecule
d. Synthesizing Proteins

II. History of Life

a. The Rock and Fossil Record
b. The Genetic Record
c. Timeline of Life of Earth

III. Life Gets Started

a. Origin of Life
b. The Requirements of Life
c. Microbial Diversity

IV. Life Keeps Evolving

a. Evolution of Eukaryotes
b. Cell Structure and Functions
c. Evolution of Multicelled Organisms
d. Sex and Diversity

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Voyages Through Time is an integrated high school science curriculum for ninth or tenth grade based on the theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM.