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The Curriculum Cosmic Evolution Planetary Evolution Origin of Life Evolution of Life Hominid Evolution Evolution of Technology
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Cosmic Evolution | Planetary Evolution | Origin of Life
Evolution of Life | Hominid Evolution | Evolution of Technology

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Teacher Comments on the Voyages Through Time Curriculum:

VTT is the most cogent program I’ve seen so far. Most current textbooks try to teach too many “factoids” without linking them together. VTT solves that problem by providing a linking thread throughout and also helps by teaching techniques for going beyond the program. I wouldn't use anything else.

- Ned Dodds, Vallejo HS, Vallejo, CA

It is very thorough, a turn key operation that a new teacher can use to teach very effectively and seasoned teachers can use to greatly enhance what they are already doing. It is immediately useful and very engaging. It is user friendly and can be adapted to different learning levels.

- Bill Callahan, Watsonville HS, Watsonville, CA

One of the biggest gaps in American high school students’ education is the concept of evolution. The VTT modules, with their underlying theme of evolution, provide many pieces of evidence to demonstrate how the theory is supported. Evolution comes to life when students examine examples from the modern world. The VTT curriculum provides science educators with excellent resources to teach a topic from which many teachers unfortunately will shy away.

- Terry Bramschreiber, Rampart High School, Colorado Springs, CO

What I liked best is that the delivery of the curriculum was so clean and uncluttered. It utilized information technology in a way that was seamless in the classroom and engages students in learning and understanding. It provided for an active learning environment. It also provided articles relevant to the topics that parents and students found interesting, and unlike that of reading a chapter from a textbook.

- Linda Selvig, Centennial HS, Boise, ID

VTT takes one concept and weaves it throughout the curriculum. The curriculum allows students to acquire a bigger picture of the universe, solar system, planet, humanity and technology. It emphasizes the nature of science and addresses the underlying science behind the questions “of how did science figure this out?” or “how do they know that?” VTT utilizes up to date materials in the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to respond and discover information similar to how real research is carried out. The topics presented are those that students have heard and seen on television or read in papers or magazines. The VTT curriculum could be inserted into any preexisting curricula to infuse “science current events” and topics.

- Linda Selvig, Centennial HS, Boise, ID

The Voyages Through Time teaching modules offer one of the finest opportunities for real learning. Rarely do you find such in-depth lessons ready for the student and so teacher friendly. The modules provide enrichment and challenge for every curriculum.

- Dr. Lehman Marks, Head of Science, The Winston School, Dallas, TX

This material engages students in exciting big ideas, is faithful to national and state standards in generating results, and is authentic in the practice of science. That is, it doesn't supply packaged answers but rather compels students to analyze and present evidence to support conclusions.

- Andrew Goldenkranz, Co-Director
Woodrow Wilson Foundation CORE Institute in Biology 1999-2002, Aptos High School, Aptos, CA

It’s a great way to learn how to teach using a method different then your own. All information on how to teach it is readily available on a CD, including extension materials, lab material lists, and videos. It stretched my teaching, which was a great thing.

- Midge Kimble, Flintridge Preparatory, La Canada Flintridge, CA

The thematic presentation of topics usually taught in isolated disciplines has allowed my students to better grasp the scientific concepts as well as their relevance to everyday life. Students tell me years after taking the course it is the one high school class they remember content from!

- Joanna Price, San Leandro HS, San Leandro, CA

I liked the organization and having everything on CD-ROM and no textbooks to deal with. I liked having worksheets ready to go.

- Ned Dodds, Vallejo HS, Vallejo, CA

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Voyages Through Time is an integrated high school science curriculum for ninth or tenth grade based on the theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM.