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The Curriculum Cosmic Evolution Planetary Evolution Origin of Life Evolution of Life Hominid Evolution Evolution of Technology
Technical Requirements

Computer Requirements:

  • Macintosh Power PC or later with minimum 64 MB of RAM; or
  • Windows Pentium II or later

Software Requirements:

  • Netscape Communicator 4.7 or later or Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (JavaScript and Java must be enabled)
  • Quicktime 3.0 or later
  • Acrobat Reader with appropriate plug-ins
  • Word 98 or later if you want to change student activity sheets

Hardware Requirements:

  • Printer and copier for student handouts
  • Multimedia projector connected to your classroom computer; or
  • Large-screen television connected to a computer
(Note: Multimedia projectors are preferred because they give larger, sharper images, and make it much easier for the whole class to view high-quality images.)

Computer Lab:

  • In each 5-6 week module there is at least one core activity that requires students to use the student CD-ROMs in a computer lab as an integral part of the activity.

For more detailed information about using the Voyages Through Time Curriculum, please see Using VTT in the Classroom.

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Voyages Through Time is an integrated high school science curriculum for ninth or tenth grade based on the theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM.