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The Curriculum Cosmic Evolution Planetary Evolution Origin of Life Evolution of Life Hominid Evolution Evolution of Technology
Scope & Sequence

I. Our Solar System

a. Meet the Planets
b. Density and Differentiation of Planet Cores
c. Geologic Time and Radioactive Decay

II. Surface Changes of Planets

a. Earth's Plate Boundaries
b. Earth's Plate Motion and the Reconstruction of Pangea
c. The Rock Cycle
d. Plate Tectonics and Mars and Venus

III. Atmospheres and Oceans

a. Origins
b. Evolution of Atmospheres and Oceans
c. The Water Cycle

IV. Earth

a. Greenhouse Effect on Earth, Venus, and Mars
b. Interior, Surface, and Atmosphere Cycles
c. Conditions for Habitability

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Voyages Through Time is an integrated high school science curriculum for ninth or tenth grade based on the theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM.