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Teacher Comments on the Cosmic Evolution Module:

I field tested the Cosmic Evolution module. This module provided a comprehensive, integrated, and high-interest presentation of stellar life cycles, spectra, and the physics of gravity and nuclear reactions. The activities and multimedia gave students a hands-on as well as minds-on approach to a complicated subject. I enjoyed teaching and learning it as much as the students enjoyed the whole nine weeks we used it.

- Debbie Soltis, Chugiak HS, Chugiak, AK

I really enjoyed the unique approach of the Cosmic Evolution module. Students were able to listen to experts in their fields explain concepts and demonstrate how they acquired their knowledge. The module also included original activities and was extremely thorough.

- Alison Maes, Ferndale HS, Ferndale, MI

It extends the students’ thinking to a higher level. It takes a bit more work on their part, but the payoff in knowledge gained is more than worth the effort and time spent.

- Nate Van Wey, Perry HS, Massillon, OH

This unit did a wonderful job in teaching the Big Bang and gravity, and added excellent material in spectroscopy and the evolution of the galaxies.

- Marty Burke, Capital HS, Charleston, WV

Student Comments on the Cosmic Evolution Module:

I liked learning about how the matter in our universe came together after the Big Bang to form things in our universe today.

- 9th grade student at Northwood HS, Irvine, CA

It was fun and interesting, so it was a school activity I actually wanted to do.

- 9th grade student at Rampart HS, Colorado Springs, CO

I liked the movies because they were easy to understand and take notes from.

- 10th grade student at Grangeville HS, Grangeville, ID

I liked using the CD-ROM in class. It helped me learn better because I’m a visual learner.

- 10th grade student at Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, Chicago, IL

I liked the life of a star after a supernova because it could become 1 of 3 things: a black hole, a neutron star or it recycles and becomes a nebula again.

- 9th grade student at Ferndale HS, Ferndale, MI

I liked the simulations best. Having virtual images about what you are learning is great to help you understand things better.

- 9th grade student at Redford Union HS, Redford, MI

I really thought the use of the computer helped my learning a lot. I hope that’s what school will be like in the future.

- student in Earth Systems Science course at Chippewa Hills HS, Remus, MI

It made me think harder about things I’d never thought about than any other part of our physics class. It was more than just memorizing formulas and stuff you really had to think about the things to bring it all together.

- 12th grade student at Perry HS, Massillon, OH

I definitely liked the science articles because they showed you the application of the information we were learning in the real world.

- student in Astronomy course at Black River HS, Ludlow, VT

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