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Teacher Comments on the Planetary Evolution Module:

I found the Planetary Evolution module to be rigorous and, at the same time, student friendly. It offers an effective approach to addressing model content standards for science.

- D. Keith Patton, West HS, Denver, CO

I field tested the Planetary Evolution Module. The students and I were very much engaged with the VTT curriculum. The curriculum addresses high interest topics as well as the topics the students have so many questions about. The one aspect of the curriculum that I found the students to enjoy the most was that it was relevant and timely and helped explain the age old question of “how do scientists know that?” The media and activities involved the students in the nature of science and how it progresses to form a logical theory. The content and format of the VTT curriculum involved students in hands-on and minds-on science. The student readers created an opportunity for the parents of students to become involved in the curriculum and learning.

- Linda Selvig, Centennial HS, Boise, ID

The Cosmic Evolution and Planetary Evolution Modules are perfect for teaching Earth and Space science. The lessons get students to think like scientists as they learn about and take part in the same kinds of activities that scientists do. Students gain an understanding of why we know what we know about our Earth and the universe.

- Sandra Grajewski, Conrad Weiser HS, Robesonia, PA

Student Comments on the Planetary Evolution Module:

I really find plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes — how they changed our Earth over millions of years — very interesting.

- 10th grade student at San Leandro HS, San Leandro, CA

I liked how we learned about plate tectonics and then used that knowledge to put together Pangea.

- 10th grade student at Grangeville HS, Grangeville, ID

I liked the experiments. They got us moving and made us more interested in participating in the activity.

- 9th grade student at Ferndale HS, Ferndale, MI

I like learning about volcanoes and earthquakes because it is amazing how much destruction they can do and how powerful they really are.

- 9th grade student at Ferndale HS, Ferndale, MI

I felt that the section on the carbon cycle was most interesting and I preferred it above all the others.

- 9th grade student at Redford Union HS, Redford, MI

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